Why baseball is the best sport? Top 16 reasons

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A young lad who is about to start the Baseball game or other Baseball fans usually try to find the answer to the question “Why Baseball is the best Sport?” There are quite many reasons for this but I will explain the 16 most prominent reasons here.

People call a game the best in the world because they love it most of the time. Baseball fans also consider that Baseball is the best but there are some logical reasons behind this phrase. The superiority of a game is always arguable but I will explain some reasons why fans love this game.

Why Baseball is the best Sport in the USA?

The earliest existence of the Baseball game was reported in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 1791. A game named Rounders was the base game for Baseball. Many elements of Rounders are part of the Baseball game. There are quite identical things in both games as far as the structure of the play is concerned.

Since its inception, this game evolved through many stages and became America’s leading game. People from all walks of life come to the Ballparks to enjoy the action. Baseball is mostly played in warm weather. American people support and cheer for their favorite players.

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There are several reasons why this sport is best among others. Some are listed below:

#1 Phenomenal Ballparks

The baseball stadiums are also called Ballparks. The most cheerful thing about ballparks is the variety. Tens of thousands of seats are available in each Ballpark. You feel amazing seeing enormous screens, a colorful atmosphere, and the mind-blowing action of the game in an exceptional atmosphere.

30 ballparks are used by the MLB teams. All have different sizes and offer incredible atmospheres. By seeing the game in the stadium, you can have an astonishing view of the sea and some city skylines. Pretty ballparks are one of the prominent features that cause huge entertainment in this amazing game.

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#2 America’s special amusement sports game

When one thinks about the Baseball game, the United States comes to mind automatically. Baseball is the national game of America.

It’s a sport of all races living in the United States. Everyone from the working class to the elite can play it, not much investment is required to start the game.

Baseball has gone through many hardships from the industrial revolution to the civil war and much more. It continued to grow even after facing several national & financial challenges. This game has a solid base in the hearts of Americans.

People from all spheres of society in the United States enjoy this with their relatives and friends. All races living in America are quite involved in this whether they are players or fans or administration making it the national of the country.

#3 Values history & great traditions

Baseball’s history is full of distinguished people and legendary players. This game originated in the 18th century but if we talk about traditions, most of them are still alive. Baseball has produced quite big names and many American youngsters dream to become rising stars like their favorite players.

Softball Glove - Different between Softball and baseball glove

During the American civil war, Baseball was the number one sports game for the soldiers. This iconic game united the people as everyone was involved in it. Compared to other sports games, Baseball has quite an old legacy.

There are on-field traditions as well as traditions related to Baseball games generally. Modern-era Baseball fans still follow the traditions set by the great names. They know that those greats have given us a competitive and enjoyable game.

#4 Elegant Uniforms

If one talks about the sports uniform in the United States then it must be of some Baseball team as people love to wear jerseys of their favorite players. Baseball players look very sharp when they wear their team’s outfit and, if you have a good outfit feeling, you will perform well.

If there is a party with an American theme, it’s almost 100% that at least one of the participants will be wearing a Baseball uniform. There are quite good-looking and attractive shirts that can prove best fit for the parties.

Stylish caps are also part of the elegant uniform. For an even better look, some players also wear eye black & chains. Wearing wrist tape is also very common in this game, there are a lot of advantages of wearing this including stability and strength. It also reduces the risk of injury and enhances the attractive look further.

Elegant uniforms


#5 Baseball is for all sizes

Physical fitness level for other games like boxing, football, ice hockey, Basketball, and other sports is quite high but all sizes can fit the Baseball game. Higher height is not a must-have for Baseball like Basketball. Baseball only requires an acceptable height.

Bulky and slower players can also play. Even they can play in MLB on competitive levels. Overweighing is not a good thing but what I am trying to say is that Baseball game is for everyone. Players having thick sizes are not able to play in NHL but they can play in Baseball if they have some other master skill.

Many skills are involved in Baseball, you don’t have to have like weight-lifter muscles to be eligible for Baseball. Yes, muscles do help the batters but there comes the technique that should be better than just muscles for the batters.

#6 Career Oriented game

As far as earning perspective is concerned, Baseball has quite a good reputation. Baseball has professional players who do need other jobs along with playing Baseball but many other sports players do jobs along with playing the game. Every young lad who is planning to play Baseball in the future should be very satisfied that this game will give huge benefits, what you have to do is just give your 100% to the game.

Almost $40 million annually can be the earnings for top Baseball players and this is quite a huge deal. An average Baseball player can earn a handsome amount if not millions. A dreamful career is also one of the major reasons for the greatness of this game. Career oriented feature of Baseball adds more value to the answer of this question, “Why Baseball is the best sport?”

#7 Individual and Team Sport

Sports like football and Basketball are team sports and sports like tennis or badminton are individual sports but Baseball is an individual as well as a team sport at the same time. Because in Baseball a single player’s skill is also needed and as a team, you have to perform well for a better result.

From throwing to batting, one player has to do it alone all stuff but he also needs his teammates’ support for getting success. This is a pretty good balance as it’s really good to see for a Baseball fan that he can enjoy the specific performance of his favorite player as well as the whole team.

Every single player in the Baseball game can impact the game to great extent depending on their role and skill.  Each player is important for the game but ultimately it is the team effort that can decide the success.

Improvement in the skill sets of an individual player in Baseball is quite important as it can have a huge impact on the game. But team effort is always required for a better and consistent result. Different positions in Baseball have different roles, each one has to perform sharp for a common goal.

#8 Stunning Fireworks

People are very keen to see the stunning fireworks, especially at the end of the game. This is an overwhelming event in fact and its popularity grows day by day, some fireworks fanatics only come to see these mesmerizing fireworks at the ballparks. This makes the surrounding atmosphere prettier and full of energy.

Earlier, fireworks happen once or two times a year but now due to the popularity, this frequency in some of the ballparks is 2-3 times in a single week. People of all ages come and enjoy this stunning display of fireworks and take unforgettable memories with them.


#9 Baseball – A pure family Sport

Baseball is a family sport not for just watching but also for playing. You only need some more people to join you as there are 18 people required to form two teams. Your time may become a quite healthy one in which you are enjoying this game with your family. This is a better and unique way to spend your free time with family if you want to engage in some sport during your free time.

Watching a Baseball game on weekend in a Ballpark and having an electrifying environment with your family with some snacks is always a good idea. Family members would love the energy and entertainment being offered in the stadium and they will enjoy their stay at the ballpark. Some sports like Freestyle Fighting it’s always a bad idea that you watch with your kids and older ones.


#10 Opening Pitches

Opening pitches in a Baseball game is always an awesome event for the fans and Baseball fanatics. It is the tradition of the game that a personality having great popularity and importance in society will throw the first pitch. This famous personality can be a politician, influencer, actor, former or current player from another game, or any other notable celebrity from any walk of life. It is not counted as it is an old tradition in the game of Baseball. But it is the sign of starting the game or the season.

Many renowned persons including presidents and actors have done this. This event is a special one at the start of the game, so everyone waits for it and enjoys this small piece of unofficial play. You can also find some funny opening pitches on the internet.

Opening pitches

#11 The frequency of the games is very high

One of the quite strong arguments that Baseball fans have for the question “Why Baseball is the best Sport?” is its frequency. Unlike other sports, teams can play every day. Major league Baseball (MLB) plays quite a huge number and that is 162 regular season games. After this, they enter the postseason.

Every single day, there is an opportunity for Baseball fans to enjoy the game either on the television or reaching the ballpark. The ballpark environment is unique and entertaining, most people would love to go to the stadium if they have free time.

#12 Baseball game is multi-skills

Some basic skills of Baseball are batting, running, catching the ball, throwing, and fielding. But Baseball is known for its versatile skills. The display of versatile skills from the professional players is always fun for Baseball fans.

The other major benefit of having various skill sets is that you are not bored when you see different payers doing different stuff with different skill sets. For example in Dart, a person may be bored after some time but that’s not the case in Baseball.

Having multiple skills is not beneficial only to the Baseball game but also to other areas of life. For example, arm strength, hand-eye coordination, agility, endurance, and many more are some of the many skills which also help in daily life.

#13 No time limit

Ice hockey has three rounds and each round has 20 minutes and soccer has 02 rounds, each having 45 minutes. Unlike these mentioned games or other games, Baseball has nine innings having no set time. What does it mean, it means a Baseball game can last indefinitely as far as theory is concerned.

If we talk about the average Baseball game time then it is almost 3 hours. This time is quite long as compared to other sports. In these 3 hours, fans can enjoy it to the maximum possible extent as the game is long enough. It is not like you start enjoying now and the game ends.

#14 Catching Foul Balls is fun for Kids

If you have children in your family then you should go to Ballpark as its quite fun for the kids to catch a random foul ball. They get motivated after having this experience. There is always the opportunity of catching the foul ball or some player can toss the ball to an aspiring young lad during the play. This is quite a big moment for the young guns if their favorite player provides them the opportunity to catch the ball.

Kids usually take gloves with them when going for watching a Baseball game. So, this catching opportunity during the play draws the attention of kids and they found it entertaining. Catching the ball from a famous player becomes an unforgettable memory piece for them. This is one of the many reasons why Baseball is the best sport as it provides opportunities for all the ages to enjoy.

Catching foul balls is funny for kids


#15 Baseball is another name for diversity

Players from different countries and different races play together to reach a common goal. Baseball is a melting pot where different players from different cultures play this unique game together. Their ultimate goal is winning and for this, they are like one body having different parts in it. This diversity factor is quite rare in other sports but Baseball has this unique feature of diversity.

Socialization is the result when there are a lot of cultures involved in an environment, the same is the case with a Baseball game. Players make good friends from versatile backgrounds. A young player has the opportunity to play with the big names and showcase his skills in the presence of his role models.

The baseball game is the key when joining people from different nationalities is concerned. This game connects people from all over the globe. Yes, there are barriers like a language barrier or culture barrier but with the love for this game, players find some ways to minimize the effect of these hurdles. Baseball games bring sharp talent across the different corners of the world and they play together to provide entertainment to the fans.

#16 Motivational Success Stories on daily basis

The baseball game is played like every other day so producing success stories quite often. It is not like that if you have a bad day in the game then you have to wait for years to prove that you are a good player. Success stories are always the source of motivation for youngsters who are looking to adopt Baseball as their career.

Like any other game, there are ups and downs in Baseball. But the good thing is that when some low point happens on a day, there comes the high point on the next day. You get a lot of opportunities to prove yourself if you are a Baseball player.



So, we have seen a lot of reasons and information related to the question, Why Baseball is the best sport in the article. Many reasons proved that Baseball has a lot of unique features in it and it is one of the best games around the globe.

From a source of entertainment to the togetherness of the different cultures, this game has a huge impact. Baseball is undoubtedly America’s prime pastime game. People in the United State have a lot of passion and love for this old game.

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