Why are there no female players in baseball

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When Baseball comes to one’s mind, only men’s Baseball comes as women’s Baseball is not heard usually. Baseball has been considered a sport for men since its inception.

Most people say that women do not play because there is a lot of strong work involved in this game. Though this answer is not enough, we need a comprehensive and in-depth explanation for this question, why are there no female players in Baseball?

Why are there no female players in baseball

Why are there no female players in Baseball even in this women empowerment era?

From discrimination to the lack of opportunities to physical restrictions, there are many reasons that keep women away from playing Baseball professionally. Gender discrimination has been reduced but it is not ended in different parts of the world. If there are equal abilities and skills then there should not be any double standard.

Some factors that play a key role in stopping women from playing Baseball are listed below:

Double standards of Society

Female athletes in most sports are treated differently compared to men. Their pay scale is also less despite having equal capabilities as their counterpart’s men athletes.

This is not the case in every country but in most countries, there are double standards in sports too. Female players don’t have that many high-quality training facilities and professional coaches compared to male players.

There are only a few female Baseball players as it is assumed that the game is really dangerous for them. Standards and rules of the game can be maintained as per the physical ability of the gender rather than just excluding them from the game just because they have different gender.

Although we are living in the modern age still there is a wrong perception that Baseball is only for men. Baseball should be for every such person who is skillful and strong.


Less potential opportunities

Very few potential opportunities are there for young girls in the Baseball game. Authorities should work on the processes that create notable opportunities for female aspirants.

There should be enough facilities at the school level so that a female kid can showcase her talent and polish her skills if she wants to become a professional player. Female kids dream of becoming a professional player but there are very less opportunities for them as compared to the men.

Little female kids don’t get much support from home even if they are skillful and have a passion for the game. This behavior should now be changed. Female players are not encouraged by the people surrounding them and ultimately they decide to go to fields other than Baseball.

There are barriers but still, women are coming in good numbers in Baseball. There are only 25% female Baseball professional players although the population is almost 50-50 %. But now the trend is changing and more girls are looking forward to pursuing Baseball as their career.

Cultural Norms

There are no female players in the Major Baseball League (MLB). These are the norms that establish in a society or a game over a long time. Such norms are also established in Baseball games. It’s very difficult to overcome these but with collective effort and willpower, we can minimize its effect in the Baseball game.

These norms state that women are not strong enough to take part in Baseball and this game belongs to men. These norms are one of the major reasons why female players are not in huge numbers in Baseball even though they are capable enough to play the game.

Female players have been playing this game for almost 100 years but the point of concern is they are not part of professional leagues. There should be some comprehensive mechanism set by the authorities to include them in the professional leagues as soon as possible.

Gender inequality

Why are there no female players in baseball

Gender inequality exists in this game too and there are various reasons for this. Stereotypes are there that this game is only for strong and muscular males. Although these old concepts are changing day by day even in Baseball still there are a lot of misconceptions.

These old traditions should be changed which state that only male players can play Baseball. To change the old traditions and concepts, there should be more and more quality female Baseball players, so that people can see them in professional leagues.

We hope that with time these old concepts will change and women will have also equal opportunities in the Baseball game. The solution to the gender inequality problem is to create equal potential opportunities for young girls so that they can start dreaming to become professional Baseball players.


Physical Challenges

Female players have been trying hard to make it to the professional leagues but the physical challenge is quite huge. Traditionally Baseball is male-dominated and one needs a lot of strength and speed for the professional Baseball game. Baseball is high demanding physical sport. Physical strength is the major reason that answers this question, why are there no female players in Baseball?

But it’s not the general statement that no woman can play Baseball professionally. Many female players have much strength and capability similar to male players. But a majority of female Baseball players are not able to compete with men on the same level due to their physical limits.

Few women can even surpass the strength of their counterpart male players. But they are quite rare and thus due to such a low number, authorities are not able to produce a professional league for them.


Rules of the game

‘Why are there no female players in Baseball’ answer is mainly related to the Baseball rules. Women have also the disadvantage that the rules of the Baseball game are based on men’s physical capability. Baseball is such a game in which a player has to run a long distance, he has to jump and dive well to be victorious. No doubt a lot of hard physical work is involved in Baseball. Generally, female players cannot compete with male players on the same level under the existing rules of Baseball.

Current rules allow players to be aggressive and there can be physical interactions too that can lead to very dangerous collisions sometimes. As women do not have the same physical capabilities compared to men, so if we apply these rules to them then they are at huge risk of getting a severe injury. Customized rules and regulations should be created based on women’s physical limitations and capabilities so that women can play in the professional leagues.

The Equipment

Since the start of Baseball, it is a male-dominated game, so Baseball equipment is designed based on male strength and capabilities. This is a disadvantage for women Baseball players. A Baseball bat can be too bulky to handle for a woman. The ball used in the Baseball game is also much heavier than in other sports.

Customized equipment should also be designed based on the women’s physical capabilities so that they can also play in their professional leagues.

It’s not the argument that men and women players should be treated similarly, this is impossible and obviously if one does this, it will be pretty much an injustice to the women. Female players should have competitive facilities and customized equipment so that they can also play professional games as per their desire.


Can a Female player play in MLB?

A lot of women have played in the MLB but still, there is a controversy going around that whether a woman can play or not in the MLB. A woman should be able enough to hit the ball hard to become eligible for taking part in MLB.

Most women cannot compete with the men players at the same level but some strong ladies have created history by playing in the MLB.

Alexa Hopkins is quite a prominent name in this regard, she was an on-field player for a professional team. She was the first female player who did this job. The addition of Alexa showed that there can be plenty of talented and strong ladies like Alexa who can play Baseball game at the professional level

Many male players in the MLB would love to play alongside Alexa Hopkins. This was the best example that gender does not matter when we consider ability and skill. Alexa showed the world that with determination and practice, barriers of any nature can be removed no matter how difficult these barriers are. Alexa Hopkins was the motivation for the Young female aspirants who are dreaming to become Baseball greats.


Alexa Hopkins


Did any Female Player ever pitch in MLB?

Lizzie fox was the first woman player who played in Major League Baseball (MLB) IN 1892. Since the addition of Lizzie in MLB, many women players have been part of MLB but still, it’s not quite common that a woman plays in MLB on the same level as their counterpart male players.

Kelsie Whitmore was the first woman who pitched in MLB and created history. She did this on August 25, 2017, against the Los Angles Angels of Anaheim. She was honored to pitch 3 innings and allowed four earned runs in that iconic game.

Kelsie broke just another barrier by doing this. It was an unforgettable moment for the women Baseball players around the United States and the whole world. Although there are still many barriers but this was quite a big achievement for women players in the Baseball game.


Is a Female Baseball game exist?

There is no one exact answer to this question. Most people say that Women’s Baseball is not as challenging as men’s Baseball and it is pretty slow-paced. This is quite understandable as women’s physical capabilities are completely different from men’s physical capabilities.

Most programs that run around the globe for female Baseball are led by the National governing bodies. Women’s Baseball programs are becoming famous day by day indifferent parts of the world.

Governing bodies oversee the progress of female Baseball at National levels in those countries where this sport is quite famous. These bodies are working hard to promote female Baseball on school, college, club, and regional levels.

They organize the tournaments and different competitions, so that maximum opportunities can be created, and through these opportunities, top-quality skillful players will be produced in the future.

Many leagues offer various opportunities to female Baseball players at all skill levels from basic to advance. This encourages the young girls to take part in these leagues as beginner, professional, and semi-professional levels are there. Female Baseball has grown a lot since its start back in 1845.


Why do Female players play Softball more than Baseball?

Baseball demands strong physical abilities from the players and obviously generally speaking females have the less strong body as compared to men. Rare cases are exceptional ones where even a woman can surpass the physical ability of a man.

The risk of injuries is quite high in a Baseball game, this is the main reason why softball is more popular with female players than Baseball. As far as Baseball rules are concerned, physical interaction between the players is allowed and it can lead to severe collisions resulting in drastic Injuries.

As with the growth of the insurance companies, cost of the Baseball is increasing day by day. Softball is quite physically and financially feasible for women, that’s why it is gaining popularity among girls.

Why are there no female players in baseball

Final Words

There are various unpleasant and technical reasons behind this question, “Why are there no female players in Baseball?” Baseball game requires higher speed, arm strength, & agility and female players lack this as compared to men as a whole. The point of concern is that they should be provided quality opportunities for training and coaches with which they can excel in this game.

To date, many female players have broken the barriers and taken part in Major League Baseball (MLB) but there is still a long way ahead. Authorities should find customized solutions for female Baseball players so that they can showcase their skills and can adopt Baseball as their career.

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