How much does a baseball weigh?

How much does a baseball weigh

This is quite a common question asked in quizzes related to Baseball, “How much does a Baseball Weigh” and its answer is between 142 to 149 grams and as far as Ounces are concerned, the figure is 5 to 5.25 ounces. These balls are made from rubber core & cork and also very tightly wrapped … Read more

Soccer Cleats Vs Baseball Cleats

Soccer Cleats vs Baseball Cleats

Baseball and soccer cleats look very similar but share their differences. There are many aspects of cleats, such as material, shape, functionality, studs, weight, ankle support, etc., that are important to note when observing cleats. Before comparing and contrasting the two types: Soccer cleats vs Baseball Cleats, let’s get into the descriptions of each of … Read more

What is ERA in Baseball?

What is ERA in baseball

In the Baseball game, ERA is known as Earned Run Average. With time, advancements in the evaluation criteria of accessing the performance of a baseball player came into the Baseball game. The criteria for the evaluation has been evolved. Let’s find out the answer to this Question: ‘What is ERA in baseball’ in detail. Pitchers … Read more

What is Whip in Baseball

What is WHIP in baseball

When it comes to running the show in major league baseball organizations, analytics and sabermetrics are the pitchers? In recent years, with the rise of fantasy baseball on so many different platforms, baseball fans have to start educating themselves about how a perfect pitch is thrown or what is Whip in baseball, and such questions … Read more

How to Clean a Baseball Glove

How to clean a baseball glove

Baseball gloves are perhaps the most essential piece of equipment for any baseball player. However, they are prone to getting dirty from grass and dirt, and no one likes to play with dirty gloves. Below, I’ll explain the correct ways to answer to the question “How to clean a baseball glove” with step-by-step instructions.   … Read more