How to dry a baseball glove

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So that you know, cleaning a baseball glove is not the same as drying a damp one. Baseball is a summertime tradition in America, so inclement weather is a given.

For safety and other reasons, the game is suspended during periods of severe rain; nevertheless, during periods of mild rain, the game continues. Baseball gloves made of leather should never be exposed to rainwater or any other type of water. Having a moist leather baseball glove or wet softball glove is frequent among baseball and softball players.

We provide information on how to properly clean a baseball glove. Continue reading to learn how to dry a damp baseball glove.


How to dry a baseball glove


Being a great player requires using baseball and softball gloves. It is insufficient to simply purchase a glove, put it on, and hope for the best. In order for your glove to last more than just one season, you need to condition it, break it in, and help preserve it.

Furthermore, caring for your fielding glove properly will ensure that you are aware if it is in risk of failing when you need it most. It is not just about the aesthetics of a new glove.


Why wet or rain can damage a baseball glove

Let’s talk about the damage that rain and water could cause to your baseball glove before learning how to dry one.

Water tarnishes all sorts of leather. The rains will wash away the mitt’s protective oils if it is exposed to the elements, leaving it brittle, pungent, and hard. The laces of the glove may become ruined by water, and the leather may crack and dry out. A baseball glove should never be left wet for an extended period of time.

Let’s say you love baseball and play every day, no matter the weather. The game will go on in the light rain. Additionally, your favourite glove will likely be ruined if you play baseball in the rain. Wet gloves may become stiff and lose their shape. You will waste the time and work you put into breaking in your gloves. Every baseball player has probably had wet gloves at some point in their careers.

How to dry a baseball glove

How to dry a baseball glove


Some steps  to dry a wet baseball glove

 1. Pat the interior and exterior of your glove with a fresh towel, soaking up as much moisture as you can. As soon as your gloves become wet, quickly pat them dry with a fresh towel. Massage it at the same time to apply pressure to the glove. By doing this, you are able to absorb all the raindrops’ moisture. There are three key areas where I advise drying with a towel.

Towel in pocket: Roll up a towel and slip it inside the pocket to protect it.

If you can, obtain a second towel and put it between the fingers and the wrists to prevent finger stalls.

Whole glove: Use a third towel to completely encircle the glove.


2. Create 6-inch squares out of some torn newspapers. A square should be formed into a loose cylinder and inserted into the glove’s thumb. Replicate on each finger. Several squares should be rolled up and tucked under the palm of the glove. This will aid in absorbing moisture from the glove’s interior.






3. Apply a nice glove conditioner on top. You are mistaken if you believe that once you have completed the two tasks above, you are finished. Oiling your glove is the next step to take to restore it to playing condition. This will prevent your gloves from drying out after drying with a towel and a fan and restore the original colour of your gear.

It will assist replenish the oil that was used to dry the gloves while they were wet. Apply the conditioner to the glove to hydrate it. Apply the conditioner sparingly and massage it into the glove. Don’t use too much because it could accumulate over time. This will add weight to the glove and act as a place for dirt and other debris to collect. When conditioning, make sure to spend as much time on the inside and in between the fingers. The leather won’t deteriorate as a result of this.

4.Allow glove to rest indoors in an open, dry area away from the sun or a heat source. The conditioner will assist in drying out the glove’s dampness. When necessary, watch over and pat with a dry towel.

5. If a glove needs to be reshaped, The glove needs to be shaped for handling the ball once it has been dried and softened. The procedure is placing a baseball in the mitt’s pocket before securing it with two or three rubber bands. The bands should not be too tight and should overlap one another in the shape of a “X.” After a few hours in a natural environment, the rubber-wrapped glove will have taken on the shape of its pocket and be ready for use. You can also purchase a glove wrap, which will achieve the same result. A baseball can be put inside the “pocket” and secured with a rubber band. Otherwise, retry conditioning if the leather is still stiff.

6.If necessary, repeat

If you are uncomfortable with the procedure after the previous stages, you can repeat them. To avoid factors impacting your kitchenware, you should only perform this 1 to 2 times.


Some tips when drying a wet baseball glove


How to dry a baseball glove

1.Do not microwave your gloves.

It’s possible that some folks will advise drying your glove in a microwave. You’ll be instructed to insert the mitt into the machine, switch it on, and watch the magic happen. Although it may appear stylish, never heed advise like this since you risk destroying your glove. When you microwave a glove, it becomes cooked. As a result, the leather’s structure is destroyed, making your glove extremely rigid and completely unflexible. The glove won’t work anymore since the leather will be chewy like an old steak.


2.Avoid letting your gloves sit in water for too long.

It takes patience to restore a baseball glove or a baseball mitt. For your attractive gaming buddy, you cannot act in a rush. We are aware that avoiding the field for the sake of gloves is difficult. But if you want to repair your glove, you must persevere.

Never leave your beloved mitt submerged in water for an extended amount of time, as the headline suggests. The leather can be irreparably damaged by the water.

Additionally, as was already mentioned, keep the glove out of direct sunlight. The leather will become stiff and brittle from exposure to sunlight. The glove loses its lustre as a result.

3.  Avoid using a hair dryer. The most common error made by people is trying to use a hairdryer, heater, or other warmer to rapidly absorb the moisture from their gloves. But it could harm your glove if you do that.

Glove moisture is not absorbed by an electric drier. The water is inserted further into the leather. It is strongly advised to avoid using artificial air.



Long-term moist storage of baseball gloves can damage the leather and diminish its lustre. You may quickly and painlessly dry out your baseball gloves without causing them any damage by following the above-mentioned simple methods.

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