How to draw a baseball cap – Detailed Guidlines in 2022

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How to draw a baseball cap

If you are someone who likes baseball then you much already be aware of what a baseball is. It is a rubber ball that is used to play in the bat-ball sport with the similar name ‘Baseball’. The said ball is made from the rubber and cork center. This cork center is wrapped with layers of yarn which later gets covered with the white horsehide. Although, there are times when manufacturers use cowhide to wrap the yarn layer as well.

Now let’s put our focus on the topic of this article, how to draw a baseball cap? Baseball caps have been gracing the heads of baseball fans ever since the 19th century. People come to watch the game in the summer without even worrying about the heat or the weather. The baseball caps save these fans from the sunlight and heat that comes with them. However, it is not everything that baseball caps do. They are also responsible for representing which team you are playing for. There are baseball caps with every team symbol on them. Fans wear them to show support to their favorite team.

If you are someone who likes to draw and have been wondering how you can draw baseball caps on your characters then worry not. Because today in this article on How to draw a baseball cap. We are going to walk you through each step of drawing a baseball cap for your portrait or character. So without making any further delay, let’s take a look at these steps:


Step by Step Instructions for Drawing​ a Baseball Cap

Step 1: How to Draw a Great Looking Baseball Cap for Kids,Beginners, and Adults

The very first step of drawing a baseball cap for kids, beginners, and adults will be by sketching a curve on the drawing sheet. This curve will create the cap’s front, where the bill will be fastened.


Image: how to draw a baseball cap

Step2: Easy Baseball Cap Drawing

Above the first line, draw a long, curved line and join it at both ends. You’ll enclose an amorphous form to create the crown, the top of the hat.

Step 3: Easy Baseball Cap Drawing

Extend a protracted, curving line from the crown’s one side. Before attaching to the other side of the crown face, use it to encompass a curved rectangular shape. This creates the cap’s bill.

How to draw a baseball cap

Step 4: Easy Baseball Cap Drawing

4. Enclose a teardrop-shaped area beneath the bill with a curved line. This creates the bill’s curved side, giving the cap its three-dimensional appearance. Draw a curved line parallel to the base of the teardrop form to add more detail to the bill. This denotes the bill’s leading edge. Finally, draw a small, curved line from the back of the cap’s crown to the bill.

How to draw a baseball cap 4


Step 5: Easy Baseball Cap Drawing

Draw a lengthy, curving line that is parallel to the bill’s edge. The stitching is indicated by this.


Step 6: Easy Baseball Cap Drawing

The numerous panels that make up the cap’s crown will now be sketched in. From the top of the cap to the bill, draw a curved line. From the back of the cap to the first line, draw another curved line.


Step 7: Easy Baseball Cap Drawing

Mirror the first curved line on the other side and draw a second one from the top of the hat to the bill. Next, draw curved lines to represent stitching; however, the lines should not be solid. Along with the earlier lines, draw this line down the centre of the crown.



Step 8: Add More Details to Your Baseball Cap Picture

Add two more broken lines that run along the middle of the crown. Next, encircle the button on the cap’s top with a brief, curved line. On the front panel of the cap, make a tiny circle on each side. Then, inside each circle, draw a smaller circle. Eyelets are these little slits that aid in ventilation.


Step 9: Complete the Outline of Your Baseball Cap Drawing

There are only moments left before you see your baseball cap completely drawn on the paper. All you need to do is draw three parallels. These lines will roughly be in the shape of “L”. Try to put attention to detail here to make the baseball cap look as realistic as it could.


Step 10: Color Your Baseball Cap Drawing

After the 9th step, your baseball cap is completely drawn. Now all you will need to do is worry about coloring your cap. You can take inspiration from any of the existing caps design or even look for something new in your heart. Whatever, color you choses to go with, just try to only fill colors within the drawn line. This will stop you from ruining your art.

How to draw a baseball cap


Above is all the steps that you can follow to draw a perfect baseball cap. Hope you already know how important a baseball cap is to its fan. If you are trying to draw a cap for creating a comic or animation. Then drawing a perfect cap that captures the essence of baseball is going to talk with your readers.

Drawing inanimate objects is hard. However, with some practice, you will be able to work on all the different angles of a baseball cap. Similar to your favorite baseball player, all you need to do is a little bit of practice to make a homerun in how to draw a baseball.

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