Top 7 Best Fungo Bats For Softball & Baseball in 2022 (Practice & Training)

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Are you a baseball coach? You must know the importance of using quality, well-balanced bats. Fungo bats are the best lightweight bat used by a coach for batting practice. If you want to buy a fungo bat, then you should know that you have a lot of options available to you. You can choose different sizes, weights, lengths, designs, materials, and other features.

Here are The 7 Best Fungo Bats in 2022 that will help you enjoy the game and allow you to play for long hours.

Top 7 Best Fungo Bats In 2022

Product imageProduct nameEditor's ratingPrice
SSK Z9 Professional Edge
Coaches Wood Fungo Bat
35+ Colors
4.9Check price
Marucci MTRBFA
Aluminum Fungo Bat
4.8Check price
HAKUSOH Spark Wooden Fungo Bat4.8Check price
GKK Baseball Softball
Aluminium Fungo Bat
4.7Check price
Easton F4 Aluminum Fungo Bat 4.7Check price
Louisville Slugger K100
Ash Wood Fungo Bat
4.7Check price

Mizuno Pro Fungo Bat 4.6Check price

#1 SSK Z9 Professional Edge Coaches Wood Fungo Bat


Product Description

The SSK Z9 Professional Edge Coaches Wood Fungo Bat is an excellent baseball and softball coach tool for superior strength, balance, and durability. Each bat comes with a 60-day warranty. This bat is ultimate for Little Leagues across the country.

A must-have tool for the game of softball or baseball, these Z-Fungos will provide the most accurate strike zone for the player. These wood bats are manufactured with an edge and are ideal for players looking for extra pop and speed.


  • Lightweight: These Fungo Bats are Hand-made baseball bats made from Japanese Magnolia Obovata wood is a unique way to get your bat swinging.
  • 33” Field Fungo Bat: SSK Z9 is designed to be used for infield grounders and will be easy to control for beginners or practice. It will be easy to maintain for beginners or training.
  • 35” Infield & Outfield Fungo Bat: The 35″ SSK Z9 Fungo Bat is the universally used wood fungo bat and is perfect for any coach. The most versatile and universal fungo bat in the lineup is the PS150 35″ Fungo, which can be used for infield or outfield hitting.
  • 37” Fungo Bat for advanced fungo users and outfield practice: You’ll get more of a whip effect with each swing because of its longer length and lighter weight. For more advanced fungo players, the combination of the lightness of the bats and the whip allows them to be super accurate and put the ball where they want it.


  • Amazing lightweight feel
  • Balance of power and control
  • Professional-grade equipment for baseball, softball, and youth sports.


  • Sometimes, can’t hit deep fly balls

#2 Marucci MTRBFA Aluminum Fungo Bat



Product Description

The Marucci MTRBFA Aluminum Fungo Bat is the Best Fungo bat of our range of aluminum fungo bats and will offer our customers a durable and very light bat. This Marucci aluminum baseball bat is an absolute pleasure to swing. It is made with high-grade alloy for added strength and durability—a great way to promote good sportsmanship and healthy competition.

The Marucci Aluminum Fungo bat is the perfect tool for hitting in and out. Its robust alloy construction gives you a comfortable feel when you swing and has high-strength alloy construction, a patented AV2 knob, and a soft-touch grip that allow you to hit without effort.


  • Consistency and Craftsmanship: These are some things that make a product stand out from the rest. The Marucci aluminum baseball bat has a comfortable soft-feel grip and a wide handle for a secure grip.
  • Commitment to quality and understanding players is fundamental in any field, especially baseball. A great way to do that is by using a quality product like the Marucci Aluminum Fungo bat.
  • Designed with the player in mind: The Marucci Aluminum Fungo bat offers the player the ultimate combination of performance, comfort, and durability.
  • Professional quality materials: Aluminum is an excellent material for making the bat because it is potent. It can withstand extreme heat, extreme cold, moisture, and chemicals. It can also be recycled if something happens to the bat.


  • Affordable price
  • This Fungo is so much lighter and easier to hit with
  • You can place the ball anywhere you want with this Fungo.


  • No cons for this product

#3 HAKUSOH Spark Wooden Fungo Baseball Bat



Product Desciption

HAKUSOH, Japan, is well-known for its high-quality wooden bats. It is often used in baseball leagues as well as international tournaments. This bat is a top-of-the-line Hakusoh product made especially for use in fungoes. It weighs between 13 to 15 ounces.

The Spark Wooden Fungo Baseball Bat is perfect for young baseball players. Light wooden construction provides a comfortable grip for even the youngest players, while the low drop weight ensures a smooth and balanced swing. Made in Japan, this professional bat will help build young players’ skills and confidence in their game.


  • High Drop Weight: The drop weight is the height difference between the bottom of the barrel and the top of the handle. The drop weight of this fungo bat is 21oz.
  • High-Quality Wood: Ho×Maple is a flexible and lightweight material. ‘Ho’ means Japanese material. With a sturdy wood frame and reinforced barrel, this softball bat will give you a quality feel and superior performance.
  • Stimulate In-Game Situations: With The Spark wooden fungo baseball bat, Young players will feel more confident when playing with this bat. This lightweight bat will help your young players improve their game.


  •  Its texture is very smooth.
  •  It is substantial
  •  It’s the perfect balance of weight, perfectly cut, it’s clean, and looks and feels so soft


  •  Bit expensive

#4 GKK Baseball Softball Bat Series Baseball Hitting Swing Trainer Aluminium Fungo Bat


Product Description

With GKK Baseball Softball Bat Series Aluminum Fungo Bat, you can practice hitting, fielding, and catching skills, improving your batting average and footwork. The aluminum alloy material makes this bat lightweight, durable, and safe. This softball training bat can help you improve your footwork, swing, and hitting ability.

It can be used as baseball training equipment for kids and adults. This product comes with a training manual, and you can also contact us if you have any problems with the product.


  • Durable Aluminum Alloy Material: Baseball bats are made from solid aluminum alloy designed for high performance while remaining lightweight and durable for kids and beginners.
  • Multipurpose Bat: The best choice for baseball training equipment or as a defense tool. The perfect baseball bat is an aluminum alloy bat with a smooth shape designed to provide the most power for the least effort.
  • Ultra Lightweight Baseball Bat: 30 inches long with 12 ounces of weight in a lightweight design for increased pop and bat speed. Batters can get more swings in with less fatigue by using the most negligible possible weight, like 12 ounces.
  • Quick Stick Training Bat: GKK Baseball Bat for Speed improves bat speed, hand-eye coordination, and contact. This Youth softball bat helps batters improve hand eye-coordination by forcing them to focus intently on the narrow-diameter barrel.


  •  It’s lightweight
  •  Good quality mini balls
  •  Great quality fungo bat
  •  No problem hitting balls deep to the outfield with this bat.


  •  No cons for this product

#5 Easton F4 Aluminum Fungo Bat

Product Description

The Easton F4 Aluminum Fungo Bat is a highly effective bat designed to increase ball speed and launch. It is constructed from premium-grade, corrosion-resistant aluminum and finished with Easton’s proprietary Teflon coating. A perfect bat for both players and coaches. It is made of lightweight, high-strength aluminum and comes equipped with a soft grip handle.


  • Thin handle: This baseball bat is lightweight, so it won’t be too heavy to swing. It weighs about 22 ounces, which makes it easy to carry.
  • Pro tapered grip: It has a double tapered design, giving it outstanding balance. This bat is easier to control than wood bats, so it can help people get more comfortable using it in the beginning. It is safer for people who have problems holding a bat.
  • Infield and outfield fungo size 35″/22oz: This one is a perfect bat that you can use for both players and coaches. It is made of lightweight, high-strength aluminum and comes equipped with a soft grip handle.
  • Durable: The bat is durable and will last for years if you take care of it. A well-balanced bat will help you get better and faster at batting.


  •  This bat has a good balance.
  •  Perfect weight and length
  •  Doesn’t require much power to generate distance


  •  Grip is not great

#6 Louisville Slugger K100 Ash Wood Fungo Bat



Product Description

The Louisville Slugger K100 Ash Wood Fungo bat, The affordable fungo bat is ideal for players just beginning to learn how to hit. The lightweight and flexible barrel will allow the player to adjust quickly to their shooting style. This bat is a high-quality, low-maintenance bat. The bat will maintain a good shape for many years if properly stored.

This ash wood bat will provide years of enjoyment. A durable, lightweight ash wood bat is an excellent choice for players of all ages. Ashwood bats are easy to grip and feel great in the hands. Ashwood is a soft wood that produces an excellent loud sound when swung.


  • Performance Grade Ash: Ash bats are usually lighter than maple bats. They also produce a louder sound and better feel in the hands. Ash bats are an excellent choice for younger players because You can easily maintain them.
  • K100 Turning model: This ash wood bat is made from 100% natural ash wood. It features a round barrel and a smooth handle. They are easy to swing, produce a lot of pop, and are incredibly durable.
  • Natural finish: The finish on this bat is natural. You will find that this bat has no blemishes, and the finish is smooth and glossy. It is also very resistant to scratches.


  •  It’s very well made
  •  Decent quality for the price
  •  Good craftsmanship and a nice finish


  •  It’s a bit heavier

#7 Mizuno Pro Fungo Bat, Infield or Outfield



Product Decription

Mizuno’s Pro Fungo Bat, The best wooden fungo bat provides maximum performance for pitchers and catchers during practices and games. It provides a comfortable feel and exceptional balance. The bat is constructed of premium Grade A maple wood and provides a smooth feel on the hands and a soft sweet spot on the bat. The weight is just right for a comfortable swing and is finished with a high gloss finish for durability.


  • Versatile Fungo Design: The Mizuno Pro Fungo Bat has a fungo design, which means it’s easy to swing. The bat has a unique, balanced design. It can handle both fastballs and breaking pitches.
  • Great for infield or outfield work: The Mizuno Pro Fungo Bat can be used for either infield or outfield work. It means you can practice hitting for infielders or outfielders without having to change the bat.
  • Lightweight: The Mizuno Pro Fungo Bat is lightweight, making it easy to carry around and hit. Its unique design will allow you to swing with comfort.
  • High Gloss Finish: Rich furniture-grade finish for a premium look. The bat is easy to see with a high gloss finish and won’t leave marks on the ball or face. It also reduces glare and improves visibility.


  •  A rich finish gives it a premium look and makes it easy to see.
  •  The maple hybrid construction will provide a comfortable feel when you swing.
  •  Able to hit balls very far with little effort


  •  You must wrap the handle tightly with athletic tape to avoid breaking.

How to choose the best fungo bat?

Choosing the best fungo bat is easy if you know the specifications you need. It will help you to select the best fungo bat for you.

Drop Weight

Drop weight means the difference between the length and weight of the bat. In general, a higher drop weight means that you will get more power from the bat. If you don’t want to overswing the bat, you should consider buying a fungo bat with a lower drop weight.


Material is critical when choosing a bat. The bat should be made out of high-quality wood. For example, if you play softball, you should get a bat with aluminum handles. The bats made of aluminum tend to break because they are light and thin. On the other hand, wood bats have a natural feel. They are durable and last for a long.

Type of Wood

There are two types of wood used to make bats. One is maple wood, and the other is ash wood. Ashwood is hard and dense, and it lasts longer than maple. It is also powerful and can withstand heavy use. Maple is soft, easy to grip, and bends easily. Both types of wood are perfect choices for a fungo bat. There are a variety of styles of bats available.


It refers to the length of time that a bat lasts. The type of wood you use and the care you take for your bat are crucial factors affecting its lifespan. Bats that survive a long time are usually made from hardwood. They are also expensive. The price is based on the quality of the wood. If you want to buy an ash bat, then if you bought one made from maple, you would have to pay a high price. Ash bats are more durable than maple ones.

Why should you use a fungo bat?

A fungo bat is a perfect bat for a baseball field. It is the bat used by coaches to hit ground balls. If you want to improve your fielding skills, a fungo bat is a perfect tool. They’re designed to simulate in-game hits so players can practice fielding and work on positioning. The fungo bat is considered the best baseball bat because it’s lightweight and is suitable for coaches and pitchers who need to lift the bat from time to time. It is not advisable to play Fungo with a regular size bat. A fungo bat is designed to hit the ball farther than an ordinary bat, with a longer length and thinner barrel diameter. With these features, coaches and parents can hit more precision and accuracy.

How much does a fungo bat weigh?

A beginner fungo bat can weigh only 13 to 25 ounces, while a coach fungo bat can weigh over 6 ounces. Some fungo bats are made from carbon fiber and are lighter than regular ash wood bats. These types of bats are usually used for beginners and amateurs. They are designed to be used with a coach or parent who wants to help a player learn to catch and throw properly. The weight distribution of a bat should be balanced so that a person can swing a lighter. The control point of the fungo bat is the key to its effectiveness. The bat should not be too heavy or too soft. If it is too heavy, the batter may be unable to use effectively. It might fly out of his hands when he hits the ball if it is too light.

What’s the difference between fungo bats and regular bats?

  • The fungo bat is comparatively a bat with a large, round handle. It is designed to hit balls that are gently tossed in the air. The ball hits with the fungo bat must be more accurate than anything.
  • Length is one of the main factors when choosing a fungo bat. The length of the bat is measured from the grip of the bat to the end of the bat. The fungo bat’s size is longer than the standard bat, which is between 33 to 37 inches.
  • Fungo bats are lighter than regular baseball bats. The baseball bats used in games and for batting practice can have different weights.
  • The barrel diameter of fungo bats is thinner than regular bats.

What size fungo bat should I get?

A fungo bat comes in several sizes. The most common length for a fungo bat is 34 inches, but you’ll know it’s the best length for the coach using it. Be sure that your Fungo has a longer length than your normal bat. You’ll want to hit it further, giving you more distance. You should go 35 inches or longer — but remember that you’ll want a fungo that’s longer than your typical baseball bat. Fungo bats are lighter than regular bats, and they have small barrels. It is important to remember that a long bat is not necessarily heavier.


The Fungo bat is a versatile tool that coaches can use to hit softballs and baseballs from different distances. It can also be used for practice drills and hitting tee shots. You can use these fungo bats to improve your game or use it as a gift to enhance your players. Fungo bats are significant for coaches because they are lightweight, easy to swing, and come in various sizes and styles.

If you have tried other fungo bats before, you should give these a shot. If you are unfamiliar with them, you will be surprised by how much fun they are. These are some of the best bats for the money. They are not only great for coaches, but they are also great for players.

Finally, BaseballHub hope that through this article “Top 7 Best Fungo Bats in 2022” you will choose the best fungo bats for you. Thank you so much for reading. 


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